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Configure Outlook Express

Put Your Spam in a Special Folder

We often recommend that people use our {SPAM?} tags to put spam in a special folder. We think this is better than deleting it if you are worried that something might be accidentally deleted. If you put the spam in a folder, you can always check that folder from time to time for "false positives".

First, create a New Folder named "SPAM". You can do this by right clicking the "Folders" window and choosing "New Folder..."

Next, under the "Tools" menu, you will find "Message Rules". Choose the "Mail..." item.

Fill out the rule form selecting the conditions and actions you want. Click the underlined Rule Description values to edit them. You should end up with a rule form that looks something like this:

Say "OK" a few times and you should now see tagged spam saved in the new SPAM folder.

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