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JTAN supports individuals attempting to secure their communication with strong encryption. Golden Key Campaign


We are happy to receive
GnuPG or PGP encrypted email from our customers. Our well known keys are listed below as well as appearing on the worldwide public key servers and several printed books. You can use almost any of our keys to send us something, but probably the best one to pick is probaby the General purpose JTAN Company Key

All JTAN Users are also encouraged to have GnuPG or PGP keys and to get your keys signed by JTAN. These signed keys allow you to secure your communications, but more importantly, they allow you to prove your identity without revealing any personal information. If you should lose your JTAN members password, the only way to get a new password without paying a re-issue fee is if you can offer a valid PGP or GnuPG key signed by JTAN as proof of identity.

We currently sign JTAN customer keys using this key

pub  1024D/6BF6C1EF 2011-01-05 
     Authenticated JTAN.COM Customer (http://www.jtan.com/pgp/) 
     Key fingerprint = 1FD9 F37A B0A3 A74F 5815  38E9 00BA 8AE8 6BF6 C1EF
sub  2048g/3D59D5B0 2011-01-05 [expires: 2016-01-04]

A JTAN Signature on your key is free to JTAN customers and proves that you have been a JTAN customer in good standing. To get your key signed, log into the jtan members page and click on the "Misc: Sign Key" link for full instructions.

Many people on the net know how careful we are to verify the identity of our customers, so we believe our signature may carry some weight. On the other hand, our signature is not absolute proof of identity, nor does it say anything about the character of the individual whos key was signed other than to indicate that at one time they had the good taste to have a JTAN account.

It is also the case that our Keymaster signs JTAN's keys with keys that appear in the Global Trust Register. These keys are in turned signed by several individuals that also appear in that document as well as other well known people. Thus, a JTAN signature solidly connects a key to the International web of trust.

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