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Unix Shell Features

  • Up to three shell accounts on different machines.
  • Choice of OS: OpenBSD (default), Solaris, or Linux.
  • Unlimited email tech support to answer your Unix questions
  • Complete complement of prebuilt software for email, news, C/C++, Internet, IRC, and lots more...
  • Cron and Background Processes allowed (IRC bots only on selected machines)
  • CD-ROM Writing Download Service
  • SSH for private connections with tunnelling and X11 forwarding
  • 1 GByte disk space; 20 GByte/mo transfer

Privacy Features

  • VPN Service
  • Web Proxy for private browsing
  • IRC Bouncer with vhosts
  • Settable GCOS Name
  • Your choice of unix username
  • No incoming finger access
  • Private web logs and passwordable stats
  • SSH Shell Access through port 80, 110, and 443.
  • Gnu HTTPtunnel access (puncturing firewalls)
  • Java SSH Client for zero-footprint access from any machine
  • PGP/GNUPG Key signing
  • Anonymous Accounts (cash only)
  • JTAN Does not sell any personal information about customers
  • More about privacy here.

PersonalMessaging Features

  • Shell, POP, IMAP, Web Based Messaging
  • Private connections with SSL or SSH.
  • Mail forwarding and auto processing
  • Anti-Virus and Spam tagging/filtering options
  • Access with Shell clients, Webmail, and secure protocols like POP, POPS, IMAP, IMAPS, APOP, XTND XMIT, POP/Auth, and SMTP/Auth (STARTTLS)
  • Free mailing list hosting
  • Local high speed news server and ultra-fast news clients
  • ProShell/DNS Only: Domain based anyone@yourname.com addressing and Free POP Mailboxes

Web Server Features

  • Apache Webserver
  • CGI/SSI suExec
  • Automated Personal Web Statistics
  • Web based account management
  • ProShell/DNS Only: Register www.yourname.com

System Features

  • Over three dozen 24x7 hosts with reliable Sun, Intel, and Cisco hardware
  • Lightly loaded multiple dedicated connections to first tier providers.
  • UPS Power and tape backup
  • Emergency generator power

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