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"www.clickteam.com has been hosted by JTAN for about 2 years now. We get outstanding service and are very happy [with] them. You can always get in contact with a technical support person thru email and even ICQ."
-- Jeff Vance, www.clickteam.com

"In all fairness, I don't even give MY customers service as good as I get from JTAN. Absolutly the best service I've ever gotten from anyone, anytime. They've helped me in every area, including areas that are not strictly in the prevue of a hosting service. A definite 10 on any ones scale!"
-- Scott Cargill, www.easthillskungfu.com

"[JTAN provides] the best technical support I have ever received! You need answers fast when something is not working right for you and jTan provides this rapid support. The servers that jTan uses are not only fast but reliable. In the last 2 years I have not received any complaints about downtime for any of my sites hosted by jTan. I wish this was so with all Web Hosting sites!"
-- Jerri Reed, www.cruzanware.com

"All my questions regarding the setting up of miscellaneous items, such as a mySQL database, CGI scripts, and the small game server I ran using my access to a shell account, were answered immediately with perfect instructions. When searching for a web host, do not hesitate to select JTAN because they certainly mean business."
-- Ross Sewell

"I have tried many different internet providers in the past 4 years and Jtan by far out performs them in every field. Jtan's small business attitude makes a difference when you need Tech Support or more disk space."
-- Jeremy Larson, www.cgiaxis.com

"JTAN has provided instantaneous customer service and almost perfect uptime. In fact, the one time I've known the server to be down in the year-and-a-half I've been a customer, it was back up in fifteen minutes. I would have been none the wiser, but they sent out an explanatory apologetic letter, which I thought extremely professional of them."
-- Chad McCanna, www.dkvine.com

"Speedy service, great features, and overall excellence."
-- Marcello Bastea-Forte, www.cellosoft.com

"Dans un domaine aussi récatif que le net, il est nécesaire de pouvoir compter sur un support technique tout aussi réactif. C'est ce que nous propose JTAN avec une écoute personnalisée et une réponse dans les meilleurs délais à nos quetsions techniques."

(In a field as rapidly changing as the Net, tech support needs to be able to react just as rapidly. This is what appeals to us about JTAN, with their personal service that listens to our technical questions and responds with little delay.)

-- Manu Ars, www.veloce-skydive.com

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