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Public Shell Machines at JTAN

ProWeb and ProShell customers can have accounts on up to three machines for no extra charge. Why would you want an account on more than one machine? Well, some of our machines have special features/restrictions that you might want to work with or avoid. This page lists available machines and gives you a basic idea about what to expect on each of them. We are always swapping machines and moving things areound. So this page is always somewhat out of date. If you aren't sure about how your needs fit with our available machines, just ask.

Recent SSH Known Hosts file

  Hostname OS Features Restrictions
Jupiter jupiter.jtan.com Gentoo Linux PHP4, RealChat, SSL ProWeb Only
Thebe thebe.jtan.com Gentoo Linux PHP4, RealChat, SSL ProWeb Only
Titan titan.jtan.com OpenBSD VPN and Web Proxy No Shells
Callisto callisto.jtan.com OpenBSD Shell Email, Firewall bypass tunnels ProShell or ProWeb
Ganymede ganymede.jtan.com OpenBSD Shell Email, Mindterm ProShell or ProWeb
Io io.jtan.com Ubuntu Server PHP5 ProWeb Only

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