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   Mailman Web Interface Restored
   Heartbleed Bug -- Yawn!
   Disk Use Statistics Operational -- Usage Fees
   Mailman Mailing Lists
   Members Area Repairs
   Members Area Online
   End of an Era
   Outgoing SMTP Migration
   Members Area Migration
   Mail Archiving on Webmail
   All Shell Machines and User Websites Have Been Moved
   Io Migration Complete
   Beginning Migration of Io to Zeus
   Callisto Migration Complete
   Webmail Old and New
Cool Stuff you can get with JTAN Accounts:
  • Unix Shells
  • Web Proxy
  • PHP and MySQL
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Client Certs
  • VPN
  • Invisibility
  • Multiple Websites
  • Disposable email addresses
  • PGP/GnuPG
  • Webmail
  • DNS Control Panel
  • Be Invisible Founded back in 1991, JTAN has been in business for over 20 years. We pre-date Google. We pre-date Facebook. We even pre-date the NY Times web site*. Our uptime is better than 99.9% We have machines that haven't been rebooted since before Twitter was founded. We continue to be in business, outliving many other dot-coms, thanks to our commitment to reliability, customer privacy, and the thousands of good people that have been our customers over the years.

    In all that time, we haven't run even a single third-party advertisement. Nor have we ever sold customer information to marketers. None. Never. Yes, it is possible to have a successful business on the internet that is not based on advertising or selling customer personal information. JTAN is proud to be such a business.

    JTAN is a diverse supplier of Internet Presence tools, from the basic ProShell (TM) account, to the powerful yet economical ProWeb hosting account.

    We believe that good people have a right to protect their privacy. We also believe that people should have a way to access the net without giving away their personal information to be sold by the likes of Google and other marketers. JTAN provides tools for law abiding people to go about their lives on the net without being logged and tagged. We let good guys reach the parts of the net that they want to reach without fear of exploitation. We protect the security of your web site. And we never sell our customers' information to marketers. Although we cannot absolutely guarantee your privacy and security, we certainly can go a long way toward assisting your legal attempts to shield yourself from scrutiny and logging.

    Maybe you are looking for low end shell access. Yes, we still do offer those lowly shell accounts. We are proud of it, actually. Fewer and fewer ISPs offer unrestricted shell accounts any more, but there is nothing like a shell account to put the real power of the Internet at your disposal. All JTAN hosting accounts come with full shell access. At JTAN, we specialize in private, unlimited unix shell accounts hosted on powerful machines with high speed connectivity and your choice of Operating System (Ubuntu and Gentoo Linux, OpenBSD). Check out our ProShell (TM) accounts. They are the perfect companion to a home DSL line or an account with a bargain ISP.

    You get up to three independent shell accounts on different machines with ProShell. You also get spam-virus resistant email. The mail system is marvelously flexible. ProShell is also a great way to have private Internet access from work as it supports various tricks for tunneling through firewalls. Inexpensive add-ons to ProShell include DNS support with free domain registration, for new accounts.

    ProWeb Are you looking to host a serious web site, or many smaller web sites for multiple domains, and you need the power of an unrestricted shell account along with all the latest web hosting tools and gadgets? How about our full featured web hosting package, ProWeb that has a full privileged shell along with support for PHP, MySQL, SSL, and more.

    Of course, all our accounts come with a SSL protected web based Members Only Control Panel that allows you to control virtually every aspect of your account.

      Unlike many of the imposters and newcomers that appear and disappear just as quickly, JTAN is a real, established business. We have been providing shell accounts and Usenet news to customers since 1991. We are veteran netters as well as adult business people. We understand what the words reliability and customer service mean as we have proven to our customers again and again. We are here to stay, serving your needs, day and night, year in and year out.    

    JTAN is Proud to be a leader in accepting modern Internet payment methods. PayPal AMEX Bitcoin Dwolla

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